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Dr. Craig Lowrie received his DMD degree at Oregon Health & Science in 2014. Prior to that, he graduated with Honors from Portland State University in Micro & Molecular Biology. After school, the Lowrie family moved to Wasilla, AK which they now call home with their 3 children.  When not working, in the Spring, Summer & Fall they are playing soccer, 4-wheeling, hiking, hunting, and fishing. And in the Winter, they are skiing and playing in the snow. Dr. Lowrie and his family love Alaska and are proud to live in the last frontier.


Post-Doctorate Training:

Dr. Lowrie has received extensive training in all facets of dentistry. He became a Clear Correct Orthodontic provider in 2018, a member of the International Dental Implant Association in 2019, and a Certified Vivos Provider in 2020.  He has treated almost 2,000 root canals and completed over 4,000 dentures.


You will receive the best possible care when coming to our office and Dr. Lowrie can handle almost all of your dental issues in the office.  He is committed to helping people achieve their goals.



Contact Info:

North Coast Dental

2020 Abbott Rd, #1
Anchorage, AK 99507
United States

(907) 344-2483



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Dr. Craig Lowrie - America's Top 50 Dentists - Anchorage, Alaska

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