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Some people are fortunate enough to know from a young age who they want to become one day. Dr. Chris Forsee is one of those lucky few and became a dentist. He knew at a young age that a medical career would suit him. Dr. Chris Forsee, Dentist at Dental Care of Mid Florida Growing up in Kentucky, Chris had the opportunity to shadow physicians of different kinds to imagine himself in their role. He observed the qualities of a physician's career that he liked--caring for people, solving problems, encouraging wellness--alongside the qualities he didn't like--80 or 100-hour workweeks, being constantly on call. The cons overshadowed the pros. While studying at the University of Kentucky Chris started working for a dentist and orthodontist. This was the answer Chris sought. He could become a dentist and have the best of both worlds. He could take care of people, provide them life-improving medical solutions, and still have a healthy family life. Today, Chris gets to work with his wife and partner in crime, Misty. There is nothing better than that.


Chris grew up in the small town of Wheatley, Kentucky. It was a poor town of only 72 people. His role now in light of where he began still brings him awe. American dreams aren't just fairy tales. After becoming a dentist Chris practiced in Kentucky for four years before moving to Key West. In 2008, Chris and Misty decided it would be nice to live closer to family who lived in Sebring, FL. They started looking for a dental practice at the same time Dr. Ron Owen was searching for an associate for Dental Care of Mid Florida.


Once again, Chris watched the pieces fall into place before him. He couldn't have picked a better set up. Ron flew down to Key West to discuss a partnership. Instantly they two doctors hit it off. The gentlemen shook hands, Chris became a partner, and they have never looked back since. Because of the camaraderie of the doctors and eager staff, the practice is full of heart. Nowhere else are there two doctors with the same vision and the commitment to education that Dr Owen and Dr Forsee have. The sincerity and compassion that undergirds Chris's work made him attractive to Ron immediately, and it makes him invaluable to Dental Care of Mid Florida's patients.


Sometimes Chris takes a moment to think about what makes this practice unique and the list seems endless. He is proud of the advancements they've made. Their commitment to continued education has led them to incorporate cutting-edge technology that rewards outstanding results. Without a doubt, Chris believes that this practices gives the highest quality of dental care possible. The team's theme is to always be learning. They cover all aspects of dentistry under one roof. He doesn't consider himself a jack of all trades, but they are experts in all aspects of dental care. That alone is a feat to relish. But that's not all that makes Chris proud. Beyond their technological advancements, Dental Care of Mid Florida isa true family business. On one hand, Chris gets to travel all over the country and listen to the top educators in dentistry; on the other hand Chris gets to spend abundant quality time with his adventurous family. The reward of working smart is that it brings life a balance.


Chris's day is a blend of family and work - a blend he treasures. The day starts with family. He and Misty are up at 5am so that they can workout at the gym together. They get back home in time to cook a family breakfast. The goal is to have something home made every morning for breakfast. They are usually out of the house to school and work by 7:45am. They work, work, work eagerly until 5pm then are back to family activities like homework, gymnastics, the evening. Chris cannot imagine his life any other way.


Anyone who meets Chris knows how much he adores family. In fact, he is always adding more people to his family. Chris tries to treat every patient like family. Giving people love and the highest quality dentistry perpetually motivates Chris. Most of all, it's a great feeling to have a platform to share my passion every day This passion is a blend of smart technology and relationship. Technology has changed the dentist industry profoundly. Chris never could have foreseen the advances we have today just ten years ago; even 2 years ago! That's how rapidly technology improves and shapes their ability to help people, and because of that it's a very exciting time to be in the field. No doubt the patients of Dental Care of Mid Florida are fortunate to have Dr. Chris Forsee to point them toward oral health and be a warm part of their day.




1735 US 27 South
Sebring, FL 33870



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(863) 382-9090



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