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Dr. Socarras is a compassionate and considerate expert who gives his patients a sense of home and family.  His humorous temperament and honesty add to his ability to provide the best care possible for his patients.  He remains vigilant in his studies and proceeds to acquire knowledge to better treat his patients and help them create the smiles of their dreams as one of the best dentists in Stratford CT.



A native to Cuba, Dr. Socarras was raised in Puerto Rico where he began to take an interest in medical education at an early age.  He studied at the University Catholic, Mother and Master in the Dominican Republic where he received his Doctor’s degree in Stomatology, which is the science of the mouth and its diseases.  Dr. Socarras also proudly served in the United States National Guard of Puerto Rico where he received an honorable discharge.


His studies have taken him all over the world including the United States, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Dr. Socarras studied at New York University (NYU) College of Dentistry for his D.D.S. In 1990, he accepted a fellowship in the Oral Surgery Residency Program at Bellvue Hospital Medical Center. His path in life led him back to NYU College of Dentistry where he was an Assistant Clinical Professor. His role here allowed him to teach senior dental students.


Dr. Socarras also has certification in Intravenous Sedation from the Albert Einstein Bronx Medical Center where he studied with his colleague, Norman Trieger. He also has his certification in Oral Sedation from Doctors of Oral Conscious Sedation (DOCS).


His area of expertise is in dental implants. Being trained and mentored by experts in the field, such as Drs. Richard Kraut, Leonard Linkow, and Richard Glickman, has prepared him for this delicate work. Dr. Socarras had an extraordinary study regimen that when combined with his work on thousands of patient dental implants, as well as an rigorous peer panel review, granted him the honor of being part of a Fellowship while being made a Diplomat of Implant Dentistry by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. Socarras has had the pleasure of consulting with and working on over 11,000 dental implants.


Private Practice

Dr. Socarras opened a private practice in Queens, NY in 1993 where he became the area’s most distinguished young Hispanic dentist.  His involvement in the community and service to its residents garnered him the Ramon Emeterio Betances medallion, presented to him at the Puerto Rican parade in New York City.  Expanding his practice over several years allowed him to serve patients in many different areas.  After some time however, the pace of work and an expanding practice took its toll.  Eventually, Dr. Socarras closed his New York offices and relocated his family to offer them all a more well-rounded life.  This led him to settle in nearby Connecticut.  He worked as a consultant for several different practices while he made plans to open a private practice in his new home.  Dr. Socarras then opened his new dental practice in Prospect, Connecticut where he now resides with his family.  He is an active community member and provides dental care to many families in Prospect and the surrounding area.



Dr. Socarras loves the arts and finds enjoyment in dancing and deep sea fishing.  He could not be more proud of his three lovely daughters:  Kayla, 22, is also an art lover.  As a young woman she is a medical student pursuing her Master’s Degree.  Patricia, who is 18, studies psychology and has an aptitude for analytical thinking.  She hopes to become an attorney.  The youngest is Patricia.  At 16, she is a high schooler who is grounded and finds pleasure in being the best cook in the family.  Dr. Socarras has another important woman in his life, his mother, Nieves Stewart.  A reserved woman who is deeply connected to her faith, she is a compassionate human being with a huge heart.  She continues to be caring, supportive and encouraging to her son, Dr. Efrain A. Socarras.




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Dr. Efrain A. Socarras, DDS - America's Top 50 Dentists - Stratford, Connecticut

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