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The first thing Dr. Robert Breault did when the new table for our lobby arrived? He brought it out into the parking lot and carefully cut a few inches off each leg — until it was the ideal height for patients who want to sit and work on a laptop while waiting for appointments.


That’s just one of many examples of the level of thoughtful detail that Dr. Breault brings to Cromwell Dental’s patient experience. Going well above and beyond to provide more comfort and confidence is more than a point of pride. It’s a personal philosophy that permeates every inch of the practice.


“We do what most dental offices don’t,” Breault says. “Everything, from hiring just the right people for our team to listening to patients and understanding what they really want from their dental care, is designed to make people think differently about going to the dentist — to actually look forward to their visit.”


Patients can thank Dr. Breault’s family — wife Victoria and sons Lawson and Isaac — in part for that. “When I got married and had kids, it became even more important to me not just to be a great dentist, but to build a business that would be seen as a pillar of the community...something both patients and staff would be proud to be associated with. A business my kids will be proud of someday, too.”


That’s not the only thing Dr. Breault looks forward to. “I’m a big believer in keeping pace with the future — in constant improvement and continuous education. And what the future is bringing is truly amazing. We’re not just tracking it. We’re training for it. Our entire staff will be our patients will always know they’re receiving the most advanced care possible.”


An appreciation of the advantages of modern dentistry is one thing Dr. Breault gained while volunteering in Peru’s Amazon River basin, during his time at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine. He was one of the top graduates in his class, earning induction into the prestigious Omicron Kappa Upsilon dental honor society. He also completed a hospital-based residency program at Hartford Hospital, which provided valuable experience in handling urgent dental emergencies. Originally from Portsmouth, Rhode Island, Dr. Breault graduated from the University of Rhode Island. Dr. Breault is also a member of The American Dental Association, The Ct State Dental Association, The Middlesex County Dental Society, and The Academy of Osseointegration.




Cromwell Dental  |  30 Country Squire Drive  |  Cromwell, CT 06416



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Dr. Robert Breault - America's Top 50 Dentists - Cromwell, Connecticut

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