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Dr. Thomas K. Broadbent graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine and Dentistry in 1981. After practicing in West Jordan for two years, he moved to West Valley in 1983 and started Pioneer Valley Dental on the campus of Pioneer Valley Hospital. In 1986, Dr. Taylor World joined him and began the multi-doctor office that has evolved to our present facility. In 1989, the dental facility relocated to the Harmon Building in West Valley City where it is presently located, having undergone a major expansion in year 2000.


In dental school, Dr. Broadbent was particularly interested in the principles of occlusion and the interrelationship between the jaw joints (TMJ) and the occlusion of the teeth. He studied under Dr. Brendan Stack of Fairfax, Virginia and Dr. Peter Dawson of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He learned to associate headache and neck pain with the alignment of the teeth and all these years later, still delights in relieving a patient's head and neck pain when it is associated with the dental and jaw relationships.


In 1989, Dr. Broadbent was one of the first dentists in the Salt Lake area to become trained in the placement of single tooth endosseous implants, adding to his interest in surgical procedures such as complicated third molar (wisdom teeth) extractions which he was already providing his patients. He continues to be excited to be able to provide today's much improved implants for patients with missing teeth and he loves to witness the joy of providing a new tooth for one which was lost, or securing a loose fitting denture, or any of the other uses of dental implants. Dr. Broadbent continues to keep current on the latest implant technologies through continuing education at Whitecap Implant Learning Institute with multiple continuing education courses. He has also been a Whitecap teaching mentor.


Dr. Broadbent practices comprehensive family dentistry with an eye for the cosmetic value of a person's smile, having studied extensively with the Dick Barnes Excellence in Dentistry learning center. He treats children to senior citizens and enjoys watching families grow and develop together and values the relationship with the patients he has treated over the years.


When Dr. Broadbent began the concept of the multidisciplinary family and cosmetic dental practice involving multiple dentists, he did so with the idea in mind that it requires multiple dentists to have available convenient hours for patients. Since dental problems can occur anytime, it was his desire to create a facility which would better meet the needs of all family members including working parents. This was facilitated by creating a partnership of several dentists who, between them, can be available six days a week with extended office hours in the early evening. Pioneer Valley Dental has become a patient centered practice with several doctors each possesing different skills, language abilities, and interests. This provides an environment of caring where referring a patient to an outside specialist is a rare occurrence. Most dental treatment is provided without the inconvenience of sending the patient to a specialist, unless of course a unique problem occurs where a specialist is appropriate.


Dr. Broadbent has had regular engagements on a local radio station about dentistry, and has been to Peru twice providing dental services in that third world country. He is married to the former Daryl Ruth Mann and has four children.



Contact info:


Pioneer Valley Dental

3540 S 4000 W

West Valley City, UT 84120

(801) 969-6200



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