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As a child growing up in Waipahu, Dr. Wilfred A. Miyasaki spent a lot of time at the dentist because he had so many cavities. But he hated going to the dentist. That’s why as a child he knew that he wanted to become a dentist – so he could make dental visits more pleasurable for others. For Dr. Miyasaki, it has always been about helping the patients. He challenges himself daily to further understand his patients’ fears, their desires, their dreams about their teeth – and most important, how all of it fits into their lives.


Dr. Wilfred especially loves when he is able to crack those difficult cases. He appreciates the smiles, thank-yous, cookies, and hugs that he receives from grateful patients. Should he have a bad day, Dr. Miyasaki simply remembers all his blessings, and the bad day goes away!


To ensure that his patients receive the best possible treatment, Dr. Miyasaki furthers his knowledge about innovations in dentistry by annually attending 50-100 hours of continuing education classes through the Pankey Institute and the Las Vegas Institute, among other organizations. He does this to help make people’s lives and smiles the best they can be. That goal starts by providing you with individualized attention and care so you’ll be proud to share your smile with Honolulu and the world.



Contact Info:

1139 Bethel Street

Honolulu, Hawaii 96813




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Dr. Wilfred A. Miyasaki - America's Top 50 Dentists - Honolulu, Hawaii

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